episode 22

Sister Kate – Sisters of the Valley

Sister Kate is bringing spirituality back, but this isn't Catholicism. Her Sisters of the Valley produce their cannabis-based products (and other goods) during moon cycles, using their own rituals and practices.Kate is also an activist who see... Read more

episode 21

Lisa Raville – Harm Reduction & Safe Injection

Lisa Raville is a force of nature when it comes to social reform and helping those in need. She runs the Harm Reduction Action Center in Denver, Colorado, and works with the Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition.She explains to Lex exactl... Read more

episode 20

Joshua Laterman – Self-Regulating Weed

Joshua Laterman believes the marijuana industry has no choice but to regulate itself. He founded the National Association of Cannabis Businesses (NACB) to address this issue. He tells Lex what led him to form this group, what is the purpose of a s... Read more

episode 19

Cinnamon Bidwell – The CannaVan

Dr. Cinnamon Bidwell studies cannabis with the CannaVan. She also does translational research connecting the biochemistry to the effects in people.Dr. Bidwell's page Read more

episode 18

Tony Budden – Hemporium

Tony Budden immerses his life in hemp. From the food he eats, the clothes he wears, the famous hempcrete house he lives in and up to the co-founding of the Hemporium - South Africa's premier business for hemp products. Tony loves talking about all... Read more