episode 32

Adam Strauss – Cured by Mushrooms

Adam Strauss is a comedian and performer with a psychedelic edge and a voice as smooth as chocolate. His stage show "The Mushroom Cure" is the powerful and funny story of using psilocybin to heal his debilitating OCD.He talks to Lex about what... Read more

episode 31

Kimberly Jung and Katie Thompson – Double Episode

This double-whammy episode features military engineer turned spice trader Kimberly Jung, and culinary cannabis connoisseur Katie Thompson.In the first interview Kimberly talks about serving in Afghanistan where she learned entrepreneurial skil... Read more

episode 30

Daniel Greig – The Neurobiology of Prophetic Visions

Daniel Greig talks about cognitive science and mystical systems.Greig studies cognitive science and philosophy in Toronto, and psychedelics are a major part of his research.If you're into the Kabbalah, Jungian archetypes, or biblical proph... Read more

episode 29

Laurie Wolf – Cooking Cannabis

Laurie Wolf is a chef, author, and entrepreneur. She makes edibles as well as recipes to help you cook with cannabis at home. She tells Lex about her journey in the culinary world and why she chose to focus on marijuana as her primary ingredient. ... Read more

episode 28

Impello BioSciences – Biostimulants for Growers

Lex speaks with the founders of Impello Biosciences. They're a startup in Fort Collins, CO that harness the power of bio-organisms to nurture growing plants such as cannabis. They explain how healthy bacteria added to the roots of plants can be us... Read more